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We can create a fully responsive website to display your work on all devices. When you work with Utah Web Design Pros we create multi-platform solutions at prices that can fit any budget. Whether you are a local artist looking for a great way to start selling your work, or you are established and want a large online store built we have the perfect site for you in mind. responsive-artist-website


There are many different ways that you can sell your stuff online. We have programmed every shopping cart in every situation imaginable. As the owner of the website, it is up to you to determine just how you are going to sell your work. Don’t worry, we will be there to provide suggestions if this is your first time selling online. Whether you want to keep things simple by using PayPal as your payment option or using a full blown merchant account website, the most important thing is how your content is displayed to potential buyers.


If you have any questions about shopping carts, PayPal, merchant accounts or general online selling techniques call our office today. We would be happy to help light the way.


We also offer additional services in terms of SEO, social media marketing, and general online marketing. As part of any design, we make sure that you at least have the basics handled (like connecting a Yelp page and Google My Business.) However taking things to the next level might be right for you, especially if you are planning on creating and selling art as a full-time career.


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Our office is centrally headquartered in Salt Lake City. We are happy to offer our services to all of Utah from Provo to Ogden and beyond.

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