Why Attorneys Should Consider SEO

Not that long ago advertising for attorneys was thought to be taboo. The well respected, long standing firms did not advertise. Rather, business was done by referrals, word of mouth, and a handshake. Then, to the dismay of others in the profession, some firms started doing television campaigns. Say what you will, but they were successful. Now, the internet is the standard for all advertising and is not only utilized but expected. Simply put, if you do not have a great internet appearance you are behind the times, losing potential clients, and ultimately money.


In order to prevent this and help your practice grow, every attorney and law firm needs to have an established, high ranking website and accompanying SEO campaign. The majority of people now use the internet on their smartphone to search for attorneys in their area who specialize in different practices of law. If you are not ranking well for certain keywords, your website will not be shown to those searching in Google and you will be passed by. As such, you will be judged by your website. Not only do you need a professional, eye-appealing website, but that website must rank high enough that prospective clients will see your name.


So what can you do to help your website grow in rankings so that you will be noticed and increase the traffic to your website? Well, The first and easiest way of increasing your ranking with Google is having a responsive website design. This means your website will be able to scale to the different resolutions of smartphones and tablets. After a responsive website design is obtained, the next goal is to start creating content on your website to start ranking for keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a document, or in this case a website page. Usually, the header of the page is the keyword you’re trying to rank for. The page must also have rich content talking about the keywords you have chosen for Google to acknowledge. And then, the secret is, you never are done creating content. The more content you create for certain keywords the more you will rank for them, and the more keywords you are ranking for, the higher the possibility people will stumble into your website.


I have personally seen the power an attractive, fully optimized website can have on an attorney’s bottom line. Several of my previous clients were weary of internet advertising until proven leads were obtained and capitalized upon. These clients varied from divorce work, criminal work, personal injuries, and death cases. Really, the work could encompass nearly every area of law – these are just some of the cases I have personally seen come directly from the internet.

Don’t be left with outdated techniques for obtaining clients. Explore the possibilities of SEO for your law firm and watch your legal business grow as you become a powerful force on the internet.