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It may sound like a novelty, but having a website for your wedding can actually be quite a useful tool. At Utah Web Design Pros we know all of the stresses that go into planning a wedding. By making a beautiful website you can give your guests a one-stop place to view everything regarding your special day. One thing weddings and websites have in common is that they both can be expensive. As a local design company, our goal is to create something simple yet elegant and functional.  We do this by making no compromises in the overall quality of your website while keeping costs as low as possible.


Benefits of having a website for your wedding

  • Have an easy way to gather all invitation information. By using your website as a digital RSVP platform you have an easy to use platform that removes the cost of printed invites and the hassle of hunting people down on social media.
  • Quick contact forms for various purposes. You can have contact forms on your website as extensive or simple as you wish for invitation information. You will receive instant email notifications as soon as someone submits an online form with all necessary information.
  • List all registry information in one place. Your wedding website can tie directly into your online registries to make it super simple for friends and family to purchase gifts online.
  • Bundle your photography and videography needs. Our team is here to make your website and if you wish we can also bundle in professional photography, photo editing, and videography to make a complete package.

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