Utah Businesses and Their Online Presence

The Salt Lake Valley has a rich business environment. Many of us are not aware that these businesses we frequent every day started in Utah and grew to be national or international brands. Below are some of the many companies that make us proud of our local businesses and entrepreneurs. As with any successful business, you need a great online presence to help elevate your company to that next level. Below are companies that have household names and their websites.


1800-contacts We have to admit it, we did not know that 1-800 Contacts was a Utah-based company. Needless to say, that has made an awesome name for themselves. As you can see their website is ok but could use a modern touch to really keep up with their brand image.


rumbi-website Rumbi is delicious and so is their website. It fits their brick and mortar storefront, the site is fun and easy to navigate, couldn’t really ask much more for restaurant web design.


alpha-graphics-websiteAlphagraphics is a fantastic printing company and our one of our preferred printers for flyers and posters. Their website is just as we imagine it should be, clean and responsive fitting the print quality we have come to expect from them.


backcountry-website All you have to do is drive around and pay attention to people’s car windows to see the type of brand loyalty that Backcountry has been able to gather over the years. Sometimes we come across e-commerce and online shopping websites that are clunky and really busy. That is not the case with Backcounty. Their website is easy to navigate and doesn’t bombard you with too many product pictures right on the homepage, great design all around.


crown-burgers-websiteWe are big burger eaters here at Utah Web Design Pros and few can compare to Crown Burgers. It is always an awesome feeling when you can go to a local business and receive a product that is better than almost any national alternative. Despite the success and local recognition Crown Burgers has received, their website could use some work. The large background and relatively small content area make the website feel dated and a little difficult to read on screen with higher resolutions. We love you Crown Burgers but you might want to update your site.


skullcandy-website We can remember when Skullcandy headphones first came out. They raised the bar on what headphones could and should be. We keep a few pairs here in the design studio at all times and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The quality of their website matches the quality of their products. Luxurious, high-end and masterfully fashioned, we would expect no less from one of our favorite local success stories.


overstock-website Wrapping up our list we take a look at another large company that got its start here in Utah. Overstock has become a household name and it is really motivating to realize that they started in the same place that we are working right now. Their website is large and highly functional, from a development aspect it is quite a feat. From a design aspect, it looks great and walks that line between not showing enough product and being too busy on the homepage.


As we said above, Utah is a fantastic place for business. Many foods and dining companies get their start in Utah, along with a surprising amount of tech companies. We are almost like a miniature Silicon Valley from Lehi to Provo. Tell us what your favorite local businesses are and why. What is their online presence like?