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Content management systems referred to as a CMS are platforms that can be used to create websites. It is estimated that around half of all websites online are built using these methods. A surprising amount of popular websites that have millions of visits a year are built on a CMS. For example, The New Yorker is built with WordPress and Wrangler’s website is built in Magento. Our team of specialists has experience working with all major content management systems. We can help optimize a website build in a CMS, re-design one that has already been made, or develop a website from the ground up.







Benefits of a CMS

Technically speaking, content management systems are PHP and MySQL based software you can install on to your hosting server to create a website. Once installed the website can be built on any browser by simply logging into the backend of the website with a username and password. The functionality, structure, and design of the website can be achieved by the
means of themes, plugins, widgets, customization options, and visual editors. By using these open source and premium options the development time of the website can be greatly reduced, saving money as well. Once the website is done almost anyone can add content to their website and easily publish new blogs or online articles.

Why hire a designer and developer?

You might be asking yourself, “if CMS platforms allow people to make websites, why should I hire a professional?” The simple answer would be comparing creating a website to cooking food. Yes, most people can cook a meal with a little training, but there are still world-renowned professional chefs. Working with a professional web design company should feel a lot like having a professional chef cook for you. It is their job to ensure that your website will be able to achieve all your end goals, one hundred percent.

Additional services a development firm can offer.

Professionals will also be able to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry. Help ensure that your website flows really well, in an easy to read layout. They will also be able to change the coding of the theme or plugin to get things working just the way you want. Finally they can help with search engine optimization and perform monthly maintenance to your website that you may not have the time or resources to do.

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